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Our Academics

NC School Performance Score and Letter Grade

  2022-2023        Score - 60            Letter Grade - C

  2021-2022       Score - 65             Letter Grade - C

Faith Academy Charter School offers a robust academic program that aims to strengthens students' life skills and college readiness. Our program aligns with the NC Standard Course of Study. Click on any of the icons below to read more on NCDPI's website.
Read about how FACS enhances these state standards in our Digital Guidebook.

We are pleased to announce that the FACS Board approved the first FACS High School Course Catalogue, Course Pathway Guide and 9th Grade Registration form.  As you will see from these materials, FACS will offer a comprehensive high school program to students which provides: rigorous Honors and Advanced Placement courses; Community College classes through College Career Promise; and additional virtual classes through NC Virtual Public School. FACS' Board is committed to providing a high quality high school that ensures our students are competitive applicants to colleges and universities in NC and beyond.  

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