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Faith Academy Charter School supports our students's growth and development each day. Without support from our community, these efforts would not be possible.  We are actively accepting donations as we continue to grow our school to serve grades levels K-12.

Dear Parents, Guardians and Friends of Faith Academy Charter School,

                Congratulations to each of you!  You have been a part of a remarkable inaugural year for Faith Academy Charter School.  Thanks for being along for the journey.  To have opened a new school in such a short amount of time has been a huge amount of work for so many.  Thanks so much to our Lead Administrator, Dr. Sarah Hensley and her remarkable team of educators and staff for leading us all on this, sometimes rocky road to a successful year. 

                As many of you are aware, to open a school requires a lot of planning, from hiring a whole staff, to creating a curriculum for each grade level, to creating policy, to making sure students have a safe, adequate school building in which to learn.  To open FACS your school board had to purchase a whole school campus, all new furniture for the school, land for expansion, Modular Rental acquisition, buses, library needs, technology, cafeteria furniture, make needed repairs to an older school structure and pay all of the bills each month.  Lots of planning for sure.

                For these reasons, we are announcing our first Capital Campaign, “Continuing the Faith Foundation!” With this campaign we are hopeful of paying off our first year acquired debt of close to 2 million dollars.  In doing so, we can build equity in the property that we have purchased and have better borrowing power for the construction of the new school building that will house Kindergarten through the 8th grade.  The older school structure will then be remodeled for our High School.

                We would very much like for each of you to be a part of this capital campaign. Please review the “Continuing the Faith Foundation” literature and donation form.  Please pay particular attention to the School House Team contribution.  If we can get 300+ contributions of $1000 we can pay off our debt for the school.  Check out all of the ways that your contributions can really help out.  There is also a Patriot’s Penny Team for all of our students to get involved with the campaign.  Please encourage your students to begin this summer with saving not only their pennies, but nickels, dimes and quarters too.  If any of you have employers that you think might be able to help out with the campaign, please let us know and we will contact each one.

                Again, thanks for a great first year and remember to check out our digital book explaining “Continuing the Faith Foundation” and the donation form, both attached.  Together, we can accomplish our 2-million-dollar goal, Patriot Proud!  Thanks to each of you for choosing Faith Academy Charter School for your children’s education.


Tim Williams, Capital Campaign Chairman

“Continuing the Faith Foundation”

Curious about our plans for renovations and improvements? Click below!

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